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In Thailand , unlike in other countries, there is no compulsory insurance scheme, and most of the time one finds himself helpless when problems happen.

This applies to both tourists and residents.

For instance, if our personal liability is at stake in Thailand, it is not covered in an unlimited way as it would be in other countries. And the amount of the compensation can be considerably high.

That's why we work together with a Thai-French office, partner of AXA, ING, AIG, BUPA and ThaiSri companies.

It has a very wide range of insurances available, from the most simple to the most complete in all the branches of the sector, from the protection of persons to the protection of property.

Therefore, our agent can, for instance, supply you with a reliable protection in case of involvement of your personal liability, a car insurance including assistance in case of accident (translation and help in the administrative process) or a complete health insurance.

For a total openness, all the contracts are translated in English.



You would like to extend the lenght of your vacation or even just to enjoy the beauty and smile of Thailand with a long-term stay. For that you will need to either get a visa, an extension of your existing visa or even another type of visa.

Indeed, even if any national from countries like France or England have an authorization for staying 30 days without having to get a visa, you will need one for any longer vacation stay, or for any kind of stay other than for vacation.

There are several types of visa, notably the Tourist Visa, the Non-Immigrant B Visa (for those willing to get a work permit) or even the Non-Immigrant O Visa, ideal for persons with more than 50 years old having the minimum resources which the amount is decided by the Thai law. 

We can guide you through the different steps in order to have everything in order with the Thai Immigration and to enjoy your stay in complete tranquility.

We also have a network of reliable accountants ensuring the follow-up of your personal patrimony or your company's capital.

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